Lut Caenen Artist

Lut Caenen Artist

Artist, educator, translator

Lut Caenen Artist

Lut Caenen
Born in Belgium
lives and works in Belgium and Portugal

MA Philosphy at K.U.Leuven , Belgium
Visual Arts at RHoK, Brussels, Belgium

Artist, educator, translator (translated several Dutch and Flemish theatre plays into Portuguese, with the actor and author Filipe Ferrer)
Exploring the universe of signs and silence in the meditative act of writing/drawing

Group exhibitions
2016     Gallery CCLXXXVII, Ieper, Belgium
2016     AAA Stand Holder, Lisboa, Portugal
2017     Herbes Folles,  Albert Dumont Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

Solo exhibitions
2016      Bazel, Belgium (Kruibeke)

Portraits of Capeverdean batucadeiras in Finka Pé, O Feitiço do Batuque, ed. Centro Tomkiewicz (Associação Moinho da Juventude) with Grupo de Batuque Finka Pé, october 2017

Lut Caenen

Her visual work consists mainly of words, written layer by layer, with pencil, pen or pastel.

Sometimes they are lightning fast strokes on canvas / paper, sometimes an endless repeating pattern.